Angel Phantom Quartz Necklace
Angel Phantom Quartz Necklace
Angel Phantom Quartz Necklace

Angel Phantom Quartz Necklace

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This pendant features a raw Amphibole " Angel Phantom" Quartz. Surrounding the stone is Sterling Silver. This amulet hangs from an 18in silver filled curb chain.

This amulet pendant draws energy in from the New Moon. A celebration for the renewing spirit that this moon phase brings, as well as an ode to the troubles and triumphs of the past.

Amphibole Quartz also is known as Angel Phantom Quartz
A mineral for making contact with your angels. Only found in Brazil, Angel Phantom Quartz emits a beautiful and calm vibration, that will help you find strong inner peace and tranquility. A great aide in connecting with your higher self.

Phantoms are formed when a crystal stops growing due to mineral dust falling on it, and then the crystal begins to grow again. This process leaves a "ghost" image inside the crystal.

Phantom Quartz symbolizes universal awareness and the many lifetimes of the soul. This crystal is perfect for meditation! It is said to help strip away layers of the past, by revealing your core. This crystal's growth was interrupted, and it began to grow once more, so will you. A great aid through any transitional time in your life.