Second Sight. Your connection to the unseen. Handmade and custom raw crystal jewelry and bespoke home decor inspired by nature, the occult, and folklore.

Genuine precious and semi-precious gemstones are hand-curated for quality and metaphysical properties. I hand create everything in my shop with great attention to detail in hopes to provide beautiful, wearable, and sustainable pieces.

People and the planet, are my passion.
All of my gemstones and materials are 100% ethically sourced, from small family-owned businesses. (some right here in Ohio!) I primarily work in both Copper and .925 Sterling Silver, both of which are sourced from recycled stock.

One of my core beliefs is to operate my business with complete transparency, if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to message me!




About the Artist


Hiyah! My name is Cara, I hail from Warren, Ohio. Art history nerd, light worker, lover of folklore, and everything occult. Self-taught metalsmith and entrepreneur. I started Second Sight as an act of empowerment and rebellion.


I hope my pieces inspire you to rise in resilience.